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Sunday, October 9, 2011

Hand-Sanitizer Haul

Bath and Body Works - one of my favorite stores, no doubt. Somehow, everything in BBW is amazing, but I am mostly attracted to their hand-sanitizers and lip glosses. It's a bad thing when people let me go in here, because I come out with stuff like this!

I emerged from the store with a hefty bag of ELEVEN hand-sanitizers there to add to my existing BBW sanitizer collection! I'll give short reviews for each starting from the top left:

- Blueberry Pancake: smells like blueberries or very sweet wild berries. I love this one!

- Apple Pie: smells like red apples.

- Blueberry Cake Donut: mmmm, smells like freshly baked sugar cookies!

- Raspberry Frost Donut: smells like the frosting on the Dunkin' Donuts strawberry frosted donuts.

- Chocolate Chew (ghost): smells like sweet chocolate.

- Black Cherry (Scary Cats): smells like black cherry.

- Sour Drop (haunted house) x2: smells like sweet/sour candy. I love this one!

- Jelly Jam Donut: smells like fruit punch.

- Chocolate Crème Donut: smells somewhat like Chocolate Chew, but milder.

- Cinnamon Glazed Donut: mmm, smells like a cinnamon bun. 

 Every one of these smells amazing - hurry and pick them up while they're on sale!

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