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Wednesday, August 8, 2012

ULTA's Free 13pc. Bag Deal (Contents)

ULTA has a pretty cool offer going on at the moment. If you buy $17.50 worth of ULTA products (must be cosmetics, beauty tools, or skincare) you receive a free faux snake skin wristlet filled with ULTA make-up! I took up on this offer after reading about their Dual Cleansing Clarisonic brush dupe. It was $25 and I used a $3.50 off $10 coupon.

(Image from ULTA's website)

The bag comes in three choices: Mystic - Cool, Willow - Trendy, and Molten - Warm. I imagine this is associated with skintones. My ULTA only had one of the choices, which was the Willow bag. I was hoping to get that one either way, but the other two bags look nice. The actual Molten and Mystic bags look different from the Willow bag with their zips. 

(The brush I bought, which landed me this deal. Pick it up, it's a great alternative to more expensive cleansing brushes)

ULTA claims that these bags are worth $88. I'd have to disagree, because only the masacara, lipstick, blush (I think), and eyeshadow quads are full-sized. 

(The bag that I received. Super cute and big enough to use as an actual wristlet/purse)

The bag includes:
3x mini brushes
2x eyeshadow quads
1x blush
1x mini nail polish
1x mini lip gloss
1x blush
1x dual ended eyeliner
1x lipstick
1x mascara
1x mini facial moisturizer

(Contents of the Willow bag)

(Three brushes: eyeshadow, sponge tip, and contour)

(Two eyeshadow quads: first comes in Silk, Gold Dust, Platinum, Granite. Second comes in Golden Girl, Trust Fund, Verdigris, Fortune.)

(Blush in Exposed. Can't tell if it's mini or if all are small - I don't use blush. Has glitters.)

(Mini polish in Army of 1. I love this color!)

(Mini lip gloss in Natural.)

(Dual ended eyeliner in Deep Brown and Black. Kinda small but not totally mini.)

(Lipstick in Cappuccino. Lovely color, but too dark for me! By the way, this is in a plastic and cheap casing unlike the usual ULTA lipsticks and has no pleasant smell like ULTA's norm.)

(Legendary Lengths mascara in Jet Black.)

(Mini facial moisturizer.)

Well, these are the contents of the Willow - Trendy bag! I hope to see the contents of the other bags. I'm pleased with this. I haven't used any of these products yet, but I do know ULTA's eyeshadows are amazing as I use those on the daily. I suggest going to ULTA and picking one of these up with your purchase - they're a fun surprise! 

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