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Thursday, September 22, 2011

Marsh Monsters

A couple of weeks ago, I was at Walgreens and I was browsing around the Halloween candy sections. Nothing seemed very interesting until I was ready to pay for a Spanish Nestle candy bar (Carlos V, only .39 cents!) that was hiding under some other candy. I was walking up to the register, and something really caught my eye. There was a box of these near-sandwich-sized candies. One was a ghost, white and black, and the other was a pumpkin, orange and black. What were these mysterious candies? They're "TRIPLE LAYERED MARSHMALLOW AND GUMMY". Whattt? Marshmallow and gummy candy - together? They were $1.69, but I had to buy it. I bought the pumpkin-shaped one.

It was strange, and  I didn't open it until now. It's orange, smells fruity, and the marshmallow tastes like a Peep with a fruity, artificial flavoring. It was fresh, and not bad considering I don't like sugar-coated marshmallows. I think these are meant to be eaten as a sandwich, because the marshmallow was almost impossible to pry off of the gummy, which occupied the middle.

The gummy was a pumpkin-shaped patty, and it was BLACK. Honestly, I've never seen a black gummy before and I was pretty amazed. The candy is made by Flix (same company that makes gummy boogers, gummy popcorn, gummy zits, etc.) so I expected it to be creative, fun, and tasty. That it was! The gummy was chewy, fruity and yummy! It was definitely a strange snack, but worth picking up as a novelty.

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